Partnering with the Provisioning Group provides cannabis and CBD companies the ability to successfully navigate the industry’s advertising regulations to promote their products, services, and businesses.  Adding Out of Home (OOH) ads to a media plan is beneficial to cannabis businesses from their significant impact on consumers due to their size and contrast to the real-world environment, along with being difficult to avoid and unable to skip over unlike other forms of traditional media.

OOH now includes more than the traditional highway-side billboards. It also spans eye-catching digital billboards, building wallscapes, and other captive audiences such as gas station pumps and digital vehicle charging stations – all of which are accessible through OOH buying platforms.  Such platforms make it easy for cannabis brands to effectively target consumers compliantly.
Cannabis marketing is a fast-moving space. New outlets are coming available to brands and with that comes additional regulations.  It is crucial to find a knowledgeable industry partner who can provide reliable, up-to-date information on the status of advertising rules in the market so you stay compliant and out your business license in jeopardy.