The Provisioning Group is a full-service cannabis marketing agency that works with brands to disrupt and innovate the industry. Our goal is to provide a consistent balance of modern, strategic and compliant marketing services that help our clients stand out amongst the competition.

TPG was locally grown in Detroit Michigan.  We are connected together by a passion for growing Brick and Mortar & Online Cana-business as well as “traditional” business marketing.

Whether your company needs a full-scale, comprehensive approach or a smaller, customized media solution…WE HAVE YOU COVERED!
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About Us

The Provisioning Group was locally grown in Detroit Michigan. We are connected together by a passion for growing Brick and Mortar & Online Cana-business as well as “traditional” business marketing. As a group, we are heavily invested in Canna Stocks and Real Estate and we are all Marketing Gurus or
strategic analysts.

We are comprised of the following:
TPG is a group of over 125 US based Digital Marketing experts, campaign managers and software engineers. TPG has over 100 Media Buyers managing 50 brands across the globe. TPG is an affiliated Premier Google Partner.  TPG works with former IBM Watson AI Data Scientists and Naval strategists to analyze data.  TPG partners are the main access point for the coveted 21+ Network.

At TPG, our partners are the backbone for digital marketing for hundreds of agencies across the United States for Cannabis Enterprise or Traditional Niche Marketing. TPG Web partners are unparalleled. We manage the largest E-Comm sellers, suppliers and distributors of CBD in the world. Over 60% of all CBD used in the United States was produced by our clients.

TPG offers Broadcast, Outdoor and Print media management & boasts over 2.7 Billion Dollars in measured media buying since 2011. In just 2021, our team collectively serviced the Traditional Media Needs of 50+ brands in 210 markets.  TPG video production teams work with local businesses – and – the also shoot for Porsche, Cadillac, GMC and dozens of brands you’d recognize. All of our assets are located and run in the Motor City.

TPG’s founder, located in Detroit, Michigan, hand manages Millions of Dollars in online and traditional ad spend right here in S.E. Michigan and Metro Detroit annually; as a result, since 1999, he has worked with hundreds different businesses Regionally. His clients see surges of 20, 30, 40% in YOY sales as a
result of his management and negotiating skills. He is also stone cold sober and has been for almost 20 years.

At TPG we don’t want awards, trophies or to appear on the front page of magazines you’ve never read.  Our partners are the media moguls you’ve never seen on the red carpet. Why? Because we are fucking busy. What gets us revved up is Your Success.